Food Safety

Brown Foodservice takes the safety of its products very seriously. Through the dedicated efforts of our employees we work to instill in our customers utmost confidence in how the products they rely on are handled each day. To do this, Brown Foodservice uses human and technological resources to safeguard our products against contaminants or other issues.

Our Facility is SQF Certified

Brown Foodservice reached a key milestone in 2019 becoming SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified. This globally recognized certification is one of the most prestigious standards of food safety in the industry. To do this, we invested in a full-time Product Quality Manager position and enhanced each of our supply chain processes to adhere to SQF standards.

For customers this means every case of product we distribute has been protected against contamination, corruption, and spoilage. Each of our suppliers regularly have their food safety practices assessed to ensure continued standards conformance. Every product shipment into our facility is thoroughly inspected for issues, including performing regular temperature checks during unloading to confirm proper product safety and quality.

In our warehouse there are nine different temperature zones allowing products to be stored in optimal conditions and maximize their shelf life. We also employ on-site maintenance technicians to help prevent and quickly resolve any refrigeration issues. Our whole facility is cleaned regularly by a dedicated sanitation team and is protected 24/7 by security. From your Sales Representative to our Company President, all company personnel are trained to recognize and handle potential food safety issues. Records of all food safety activities are reviewed each day by our Product Quality Manager, as needed issuing and verifying completion of corrective actions to ensure we continuously improve and grow our operational capabilities.

To learn more about SQF, please visit for information.

 Food Safety Modernization and Technology’s Role

Brown Foodservice complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rules and guidelines known as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which aims to strengthen the food safety system from farm to table. New requirements under FSMA focus on preventing food safety problems, achieving higher rates of compliance with prevention and risk-based food safety standards, and improving problem response time, and containing problems when they do occur.

We use an advanced warehouse management system (WMS) to track each case of product inventory. This ensures first in, first out inventory principals are done to keep product from sitting too long. Each food safety program record is captured digitally, giving our team the ability to quickly analyze and correct issues.

Responsibility for food safety continues through delivery to our customers. Our delivery equipment is outfitted with refrigeration and monitoring equipment to ensure product safety is maintained during transport.

Should a recall be issued, our WMS and food safety systems allow us to quickly determine where each recalled product has been delivered and prevent future deliveries of the product. As soon as we are notified of a product recall, our trained staff calls you directly to inform you of the situation and resolve it. To learn more about food recalls, please visit for information.

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